Micro Suction of ear wax


The faster, safer, more convenient way to remove excess ear wax.

WE are the #1 choice in Nottingham for ear wax removal.

£85 per session

Emergency appointments: +£25
Out of hours: +£30



At The Nottingham Hearing Practice, we offer simple and effective ear wax removal services. This is done using specialist equipment to gently remove wax from the ear canal. We remove wax using three different methods: manual removal, micro-suction and irrigation. It is painless and usually takes under 20 minutes to do*.

Wax removal fees: £85 per session.  (fully trained and insured NHS, or HCPC staff). Out of hours extra charge £30. Home visits cost more (up to £150). We allow 45 minutes per session to ensure we have time between clients to sanitize and disinfect.

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(*in most cases)